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, 69% goes to the nsa, cia and the national reconnaissance center. how have you assessed from all that you have been reporting here the value we're getting, the bank for the buck? what are we doing well and not so well? >> they have some fairly frank internal report cards here. they talk about where they think they've had successes and where they have critical gaps. of course, the president and
of the nsa program? >> of all things on his plate, snowden leaks, the question of what does nsa do and what is surveillance about, politically had a bigger impact than the other various controversy. some argue are politically driven and others more serious than that. this one had the actual impact when you look at the polls it's that's where you see skepticism rising among particularly among folks under the age of 40 who spent a lot of time online and he has been getting a lot of advice, the president has, from outside advisers saying you have to be more public in explaining and if your going to defend and in defending. create more transparency and do these things. you have to get out there and explain these programs because you're taking on water on this topic with a group of voters and a group of americans who are inclined to be supportive of you on other things. you can't afford to lose another piece of the american electorate because you have other things you have to push. >> and this comes after congressional leaders met with him for 90 minutes ten days ago. they told him that there ha
to talk about the nsa, russia, trayvon martin, hillary clinton 2016. the barriers, the way that we think about what slots fit in the media and how politicians use those, i don't think the obama white house thinks in those. i frankly don't think a lot of people who consume what we do think in those terms. i think this is a reflection of that. >> not at all. jay asked very good questions, jonathan. this was another example because there was so much news out there that the president has not been heard on. >> i'm sorry, andrea. i thought you were talking to cliff. in picking up on what chris was talking about. the president fielding questions from a late night talk show host instead of the white house press core, the president is not only picking his interviewer but picking his awed yejs. he's trying to leap frog us in the media and washington media and talking to the american people directly. in your intro the president will probably do a press conference before he goes on vacation, so i think what the president is doing is sort of an all approach. we'll talk to the press core in the white
snowden reveals that the nsa broke the rules, violating americans' privacy thousands of times per year. >>> and the priebus ultimatum. republicans have voted to boycott nbc and cnn as debate sponsors if the networks do not scrap their hillary clinton 234ri78s. -- films. >> a network that spends millions of dollars to spotlight hillary clinton is a network with an obvious bias, and that's a network that won't be hosting a single republican primary debate. >>> good day to you, i'm peter alexander wrapping up this week for my friend, andrea mitchell. today tens of thousands of muslim brotherhood members across egypt are refusing to back down to the interim government guided by the nation's military. once again there have been deadly consequences there. nbc's ayman mohyeldin, we want to get to him right away, he is live for us in cairo right now. ayman, more casualties after what was already the worst mass killing in that country's modern history. before we ask you a thought about what's going on now, i want to show you a picture that struck us this morning. this was taken near alexandria,
, the state department is going to be extra careful. >>> thin ice. nsa leaker edward snowden's temporary asylum in moscow is creating new tensions between the u.s. and russia. the white house is rethinking a long planned summit with the russian president in september. tough talk from the hill on the putin problem. >> russia has stabbed us in the back and each day that snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife. considering the actions of putin today, the president should consider moving the g-20 summit. >>> check out this fancy footwork caught on a restaurant surveillance camera. we've heard of cat burglars, but look at this bear in colorado springs back pedals out door with not one but two garbage dumpsters of food. that's a much more impressive loot than even yogi bear's coveted picnic basket. . >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the state department has sent a warning to u.s. citizens today about what it calls a continued potential for terrorist attacks particularly in the middle east and north africa. this comes after yesterday's announcement that nea
eight suspected al qaeda militants in yemen. we will talk to the former nsa director michael hayden about the nation's security as the president rallied the troops yesterday. >> here is what those who would cowardly attack our civilians don't get. the united states is never going to retreat from the world. we don't get terrorized. >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington where officials say they saw no utility in having the president meet with vladimire putin over eric snowden and the disagreements over removal of president assad, and so was this maybe lost in translation. >> this is my last election and after my election, i have more flexibility. >> i understand. >> former white house press secretary and msnbc contributor robert gibbs joins me now and you know the back story and you have been in the meetings, and what is the dynamic between president obama and vladimire putin. >> i don't think that the dynamic is particularly good or strong. you showed president medvedev who president obama had a very strong working relationship with, and quite frankly, i think that presiden
's common sourcing for whether it's coming from the nsa or from the brits. that that was part of their argument as well. micha michael leiter, you said that he was making a case that was so strong, it was conceivably an argument for more than a couple of hundred of cruise missile strikes in two days perhaps. the limited strike that we're told is contemplated should the president order it within the next couple of days. >> from my perspective, he really did. the case that chemical weapons were used by the regime and caused mass casualties is -- frankly, the weapons of mass destruction, i think it misses the nature of the intelligence in those two situations. i did feel this case was so broad, such a moral condemnation, which i find entirely appropriate, you wonder whether now that the administration has defined a narrow window that's likely to pursue, whether or not that action, that operational action really matches the moral condemnation that we just heard. >> richard engel there in syria, we know that there's been a lot of panic across the border where you have been and that
, the president's other advisory board, the nsa's advisory board, so the question is what will be the mission? i assume it will be a board comprised of tech-heavy participants. they may provide useful input, one of the things i've been urging for some times, they may tain their own data. having some tech people on the board to say that's technological -- we can do that, we should move in that direction. that could be useful if that's their mission, but i think these boards will be tripping over each other if they're not defined in what their scope will be. >> is more congressional oversight needed? >> certainly congress will have to be heavily involved to make sure this board is populated with the right people, it actually does sxern an important function, but the things -- seven's the creation of an adver sear process. that's probably the most significant of all the presidential proposals, so the fisa court has that benefit. in these key cases, noted garden variety of individual warrants, but when they are interpretations of section 215, like that interpretation that led to the metadata program
of chatt eter is intercept presumably from the nsa? >> we don't know if this is on the phone, is it e-mails or some other kind of communication we aren't thinking about. i'm told part of the seriousness of this is who is saying it. partly it is what they're saying but of course the government sees this sort of chest beating, bragging every day about imminent attacks. so the reason this is getting more attention is who's saying it. senior people in al qaeda in yemen. if you look at the map of the embassies that the u.s. is going to close for the rest of the week, that the state department put out yesterday, it's basically yemen and all around yemen. it's north africa, it's the middle east. so as you noted, they think the attack is either going to be in yemen or in those surrounding countries. why just those surrounding countries and not, say, somewhere in europe or somewhere else? one official i talked to today said it is an assessment of capabilities but i think a lot of this is sort of just playing the odds, if you will, about what they think the attacks are most likely. so you see t
yesterday was that the u.s. nsa have been spying on the u.n. and we've reported previously about spying on u.n. headquarters and on the european union. but the specificity nondenied, not denied in the last 48 hours by any of the agencies here, is pretty striking and the reaction over there is pretty bad. >> yeah. for a whole host of reasons helping the united states bomb another country would be highly, highly unpopular in germany and germany is unlikely to go along with a full nato backing for this. that said, there are ways to get some kind of a not full nato backing but something close that allows -- would allow president obama to say that he's not going it alone. >> and to say that he is going in to protect turkey, to protect jordan, the refugees but primarily this is all about punitive action on chemical weapons. it's not billed as a game changer. this would be cruise missiles, something outside of air space. >> right. i mean as you've noted many times, american public opinion is not in favor of any kind of prolonged action in syria, maybe not of any action at all. so any action the pre
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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